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Feb 04

Have you heard of Twitter and Facebook, where you can post online every day. Maybe you know and the Foursquare, which lets you share your location with others. But you have not yet been introduced one of the most recent trends in social networking, Untappd, a mobile service for beer drinkers. They can share their locations with the best beer, they discuss different types of beer and find new breweries.

Download Untappd for BlackBerry from here.

Dec 28

You’re slightly careless with finances and see for yourself how the situation slowly goes out of control? Especially for the hard times we are living, you need a reliable mobile tool to help keep your bag strap tight in the most efficient way. It’s about Mobile Checkbook, which lets record your transactions in the right moment , check account balance at any moment, not lose any dollars/euro. Can work with different currencies and enables you to enter transaction lists in Excel format, so as to then transfer them onto your computer.

You can find more about Mobile Checkbook here.

Dec 28

A very useful application! Drive Safe reads aloud SMS text messages but also e-mails, so you can focus on the road and keep driving. Free yourself from the temptation to answer the phone in the car, instead leaving your Drive Safe application  to read messages and automatically respond in your place. Thus, without any problem, you will always be connected and listening to your messages at the same time. For more specialized functions, you can download the Drive Safe Pro application which allows the use of additional voices, listening to individual posts, and more!

Find out more about Drive Safe here.

Dec 04

BeejiveIM is one of the most popular applications for Mobile Instant Messaging. The application allows users to connect from their mobile device (phone / smartphone) on the most popular IM networks. (GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Jabber, AIM, etc.), benefiting from almost all the features of Messenger client on PC. Ability to add / delete contacts from the “buddy list”, to delete, rename and create groups, set custom status for each IM network, auto-away status, invisible, busy, custom alerts (new message, friend offline / online, etc.) in the BlackBerry Profiles, sound, vibration and LED.

Download and instructions for installation:  (via blackberry wap browser).

Dec 04

Although we introduced earlier Bolt, a browser that focuses on fidelity and clarity i have omitted that is based on Opera Mini which is based on speed. Opera has a good compression of pages, transferring them to more quickly and displaying them into a format that can be read on the BlackBerry, no need for zooming. The latest version has implemented the tabs and a very interesting site bookmark.

Download Opera Mini from here.