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Mar 15

If the eternal duel between Google and Apple based on patents, or between Samsung and Apple, there is still a third company which could involve at least in the Patent slide to unlock. This is Nokia, which would be applied for obtaining the patent since 2007, while Google made ​​a similar request, but only in October 2011.

And obviously we can not forget about Apple, who just sued Samsung screen unlock system on Galaxy Nexus. As official documents in 2007 says Nokia wanted to patent “a method to unlock a touch screen terminal, that may involve contact or activation of an area of the screen”. We find out that “if the area is moved, expanded or moved to the edge of the handset when the phone will be unlocked and activated a specific application in the area”.

The result of this patent was Nokia Bubbles technology, which appeared in early 2011, although the concept itself was already for about 4 years. In these conditions is very hard to understand why Apple won the case with Motorola in Germany for patent infringement in the case of slide to unlock of Droid RAZR. And if Nokia had this technology in plan in 2007, you should know that since 2005 there is a terminal with Slide to unlock technology! We are talking about Neonode N1m. Will Nokia dare to sue Apple?

Dec 25

Last week Apple released iTunes Match international service after accidentally initially sent a launch announcement to users in several countries around the world.

When the service became available to users shortly but subscriptions were suspended registrations and now everything seems to be back to normal. Last night, Apple released on its Web site the first information about the new service and according to that document iTunes Match is now available in 17 countries around the world:

Australia, Belgia, Canada, Cipru, Cehia, Elvetia, Franta, Germania, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexic, Marea Britanie, Noua Zeelanda, Slovacia, Spania, si in final SUA.

Although services are available in so many countries, only in United States a certain part of content may be redownloaded through iTunes and reloading in the remaining countries is impossible.  In many countries is not anticipates a launch of iTunes Match in the near future and should note that we can not even download movies through iTunes so they have pretty much to expect.

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Dec 24

In Germany, Apple a few weeks ago filed a new lawsuit against Motorola and it seems that the judges were inclined to give in favor of the company in Cupertino. A related patent of the UI interface application that displays the galleries with pictures of a smartphone seems to be based on technology that Apple could gain the Motorola but could quickly solve the problems with Android. A few days ago there was a preliminary hearing in this process and give judges inclined to gain because of Apple but a final decision will be made only on 16 February.

The ongoing smartphone patent war continues to be a war of attrition in which no decisive “knockout” blow is likely in the very near term, but Apple is making ever more progress forcing its competitors to modify their products in order to work around some of Apple’s original ideas, which is what Steve Jobs wanted them to do.

We must not forget that Motorola has the power to ban imports of Apple products in Europe thanks to a court decision obtained in Germany. So far people seem determined to Motorola to take such a radical decision, but if Apple will continue to harass them in the courts from U.S. and Europe may witness the first decision to ban the import of Apple products in Europe.

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Dec 06

Many of today’s owners of iDevices expect the launch of an iPhone to come equipped with a 4 inch screen and an even better resolution and Apple seems to be interested to bring it. According to a German blog has the power of Apple engineer, the company is testing the video card drivers that should support resolutions: 960×640, 1280×720 and 1440 x 800 in iPhones. First resolutions we have it in the Retina Display but the other two are far from being able called “retina” by today’s standards and would bring many headaches for developers of applications.

According to the report, Apple is testing two sets of seven drivers each targeting either dual-core or quad-core chips. Within each set, Apple is said to be testing four drivers targeting the current 960 x 640 display size, two targeting 1280 x 720 displays and one targeting 1440 x 800 displays.

According to “Apple engineer“, the company tests every 4 sets of drivers for these resolutions and it looks like dual/quad-core processors are used to them. Yes, you read well, it seems that Apple would test the quad-core with its iPhones, which is very credible given that the first tablets with this kind of processors are starting to appear on the market. Honestly the resolution of 1280×720 and 1440×800 would very much platform fragmentation iPhone/iPod Touch if Apple would find a way to scale applications and they may end up with Android’s.

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Dec 04

If you have a portable product of Apple then surely you know that the battery can not be changed by you at home in any way and you have to go to an Apple store or authorized service center to change it or to change the whole device. Many people wondered the reason behind the decision not to change batteries and a patent of Apple offers some explanations in this regard.

Apple patent says that its product design is extremely important and through it users define the experience they have with a product. To provide a pleasant design and a good experience Apple has designed its products to be pleasing to the eye but useful too, and that involves giving up of certain benefits and the ability to change the battery is one of them.

Of course there is also a financial motivation because Apple wins a lot of money from the changes of products whose batteries are not good; customers are forced to pay for repairs and new batteries. The impossibility to open the product has practical reasons for Apple to ensure a certain extent that users will not damage the product when they opened and to not replace the original parts with other non-original. For each of these restrictions there is always an explanation but that of design is not very convincing for me.

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