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Dec 21

A mobile operating system is good only if there are developers who believe in it and develop applications for its applications store. In this year iOS was by far the preferred platform by the application developers in the war Android vs iOS, the platform of Apple won certainly. Comparing the projects for applications started on the two platforms in Q3 2011 over three quarters of projects were started for iOS and not for Android OS platform.

While the market nearly doubled for both platforms, we believe key events changed the proportion of support between these two platforms.  Of particular note, Apple expanded distribution for iOS devices beyond its long-standing exclusive with AT&T to include Verizon in February and Sprint in October.

The information is coming from Flurry, a company that analyzes the data sent of over 55,000 companies who use its software. It is well known that the App Store of Apple generates more money than Google’s Android Market and probably from this reason iOS won in Q2 of 2011 the confidence of some developers of applications for Android. Finally Google can not yet compete with Apple to attract developers to its platform and probably will not ever be able to do this but at least it tries.

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Dec 15

For several weeks days Samsung runs in the U.S. an advertising campaign that takes into laughter the iPhones owners. Samsung promotes their devices and presents the current iPhone functions as inferior to those available in the Galaxy series.

Although Samsung was initially subjected to a wave of criticism, the reality is a little different because Americans begin to take seriously the Samsung brand and the device of companies generates more buzz than iPhones from the American continent.

Starting around Nov. 28 — six days after Samsung began airing its Galaxy Nexus ads mocking Apple’s (AAPL) customer base (see here) — the Korean conglomerate’s “buzz” started rising and the iPhone’s drifting down. And on Wednesday, according to a press release issued by YouGov

The information comes from agency YouGov that daily interviews over 5,000 people about more than 1,100 brands present in the U.S. Samsung campaign now give the results but foresee that in the near future we will see some commercials that Apple will give us an answer Samsung.

It would not be excluded to see ads like Mac vs PC but against to the Android OS and anyway Apple think the problem, the idea is that a campaign to promote iPhones would be beneficial right now.

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Dec 11

Carrier IQ is the company that helped the install in iDevices, Android smartphones, Nokia or Blackberry devices allowing to the software manufacturers and mobile operators to monitor the user activity on their devices. On Android is the biggest problem because Carrier IQ works as a keylogger and monitor each letter typed by users. Although some did not want to admit this, Eric Schmidt, the chairman of the Google board, admitted that Carrier IQ software is an “acceptable program”.

But he made it clear that Google does not approve of Carrier IQ’s methods. Its software is pre-installed and collects data in the background to report back to operators. Users are unable to disable it without completely wiping their smartphone.

Although Eric Schmidt acknowledged that the Carrier IQ is not good for users, he said that Google had no interference in its implementation in mobile devices. Moreover, Eric Schmidt said that this software was able to be implemented in Android OS as an open platform and talk that Google would not how to stop it. Fortunately, all producers will get this software from all the devices that iOS and Android OS installed but unfortunately it took everything to become public before this happen.

Dec 07

Writing this article reminded me of promotions that some companies producing of games for iOS and Android it runs lately. Gameloft and EA Games have provided hundreds of games at a reduced price or even free, in some cases, for iOS platform in Android OS case things are much better. For the platform of Google, the big companies offer promotions much better and I say this because I’ve seen often games available for free on Android and available for a price in the App Store.

There is a very big difference between marketing strategy for the two platforms and at first glance it seems that the iDevice owners are provided “as bad” by these companies. When you offer some games at €0.79 on iOS but give them free Android you will take criticism on you. Unfortunately this did not happen only once but is a normal practice for major game development companies and I think in time they will have plenty to lose.

It is well known that Android handset owners do not really buy applications but owners of iDevice do, but for the different strategy between the two platforms I have another theory. Whether applications for Android are just so terrible that people would not give money on them or take advantage of available companies iDevice owners to buy applications. I do not think that applications for Android are really that bad that can not be sold, so I go on the idea that these companies profit from the fact that in the App Store is buying the applications and does not give too many free things.

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Nov 08

You all know that Steve Jobs said that Android OS is a faithful copy of the iOS, which apparently would be true if we can believe the way that is look the operating system. The whole theory is based on the fact that the Android “father”, Andy Rubin, worked at Apple in the ’90s, when engineers developed the first technology company in Cupertino of iOS/iPhone.

Steve Jobs says that Andy Rubin stole the ideas from Apple and launched Android bought by Google in 2005 but now come Eric Schmidt and says that Android’s development began before the iPhone.

It should be noted at the outset of the two products nuance that speaks Schmidt: Android and iPhone. Apple has not said what first started working on iPhone or iOS technologies but I think that iOS it was made ​​before the iPhone.

Even so, it seems that Android was first developed with physical buttons phones going but after launching the iPhone has been redesigned to work on touch screens. Steve Jobs said in his biography that he would spend the last penny out of Apple for Android’s market and now Apple has had some successful attempts to do this but running Android OS products.

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