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Apr 30

Surely you heard of Xiaomi. If not, you should know it’s one of the best known Chinese manufacturers of devices, including smartphones and software. Their Android interface known as MIUI, was translated and adapted for many phones and there are entire communities working solely for that purpose. MIUI is fast, looks great and offers extensive personalization options. For not use a ROM that is not available on all phone models, the community decided to talk more about MIUI. Let’s see what it gives.

For MIUI interface was chosen a solution similar to that provided by iOS. That means we have all homescreen icons arranged on different sites, without being able to access a separate menu for launching applications. Each icon has a background, which further strengthens the feeling of Apple experience. The similarities stop here because we can add widgets and homescreen and we can define the number of sites. Launcher comes with a number of widgets you can use very attractive but very easy on the personal. Very interesting is the lockscreen also integrated, providing quick access to four functions such as camera or SMS. We can define transition effects, background, sound effects and vibration.

The real piece of resistance of MIUI, which we will find either in the menu or by clicking the icon located on the homescreen dedicated, are themes. Community has worked avidly in recent years to make available an impressive amount of customization options. Themes are available for both the lockscreen and homescreen or we can choose solutions that change the whole look. We can still download backgrounds or icons through this service. It should be noted that we’re working with servers in China so that the interface has a slower download, but it worth.

MIUI is a good solution. The application which I propose, MI-Home is not exempt from problems specific to a BETA version, but the behavior differs from a phone model to another. You will make a very good idea of what Xiaomi offers and who knows, you might want to try a ROM.

Apr 28

We can attach a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to our smartphones. But not every device is compatible. We use the MHL or HDMI cable to connect to large screen (PC). And this function is only available on new-generation terminals. Or we can use AirDroid and access without limits or other instruments, the full functionality of the Smartphone.

To use AirDroid must be connected to the same wireless network and the connected PC. This is the only rule. Then we have full control over the phone. Once downloaded from the store, run the application on your Smartphone. After you press Start, on the screen is displayed an address and a password. Enter into any browser on PC and we authenticate using that password. That’s all, we are greeted with a nice interface and available options. We have real time information about the device, such as battery level and GSM or wi-fi, space, etc. It even appears unread or missed calls and can respond to SMS using AirDroid and keyboard interface. We have call log and we can also modify, delete or insert new contacts. In the media, you can play all your music collection, download and edit photos and change various ringtones, notifications and alarms. Management of files is complete, we have unlimited data transfers!

The control is provided on applications, there is the possibility to uninstall, install or export APK files. It provides a link to Play Store.

AirDroid is still beta, but I had no problems while I was running it. However being patient is recommended, especially when copying large amounts of data. You must keep in mind that it’s done with a wireless connection. I don’t know if it applies only for the test, but the application is offered free of charge and you don’t need an account to use it. AirDroid is an incredibly useful application! Enjoy it.

Apr 10

We don’t need to worry about Instagram acquisition by Facebook, because change will not affect users, according to official statements. Instagram will remain the same social services that users of iOS love and Android users started to like. And for a complete experience, HoneyGram promises to open our Instagram world in a way that certainly many of you will find attractive.

HoneyGram is a browser for Instagram photos shared by millions of users worldwide. Not necessarily require authentication, you can view your creations draw without an account.

The interface is beautifully designed and we have all the tools to enjoy the fascinating experiences shared through this service. Is available including a search engine. Each image can be saved and shared on other social networks, your choice. We have the proximity settings and can even view pictures taken at 50 meters from our current location and add a comment to each photo.

Once you log in using Instagram account, the range of options will began to expend. We feed our view photos, as I do it using the official application, pictures that we have shared and that we liked. Very attractive is the option to make photo collages, you can rearrange, save and share freely.

Even if you haven’t tried Instagram, it worth to give your attention to HoneyGram application, only for visual pleasures that will be offered. You can download for free from Play Store.

Apr 06

Amazon has risked and won by launching a 7 inch tablet with Android, but the OS was “covered” by production company. Well, now they could launch a terminal within Android custom, or rather a non-Google Android phone experience.

At first, when the first tablets and Android phones were launched, Google held eager that at least on some of them be the branding Google, but this trend disappeared in the meantime. Obviously, in addition to Nexus terminals, for example LG Optimus Pad tablet had the Google logo on it, from what I remember. Returning to mysterious non Google phone, Ted Morgan, Skyhook Wireless CEO said that the Kindle Fire experiment could be repeated in mobile world this time by a major brand.

It could be a Facebook phone, a Amazon phone or a Techcrunch one? Most of The Verga have indications that Facebook would work on a such items as research and development budget of Zuckerberg’s company has grown significantly recently, with no release in sight. It’s true that we already had some Facebook phones and I mean HTC Chacha and Salsa, but we’re talking about one that is really built around FB socialization.

Ted Morgan seems convinced that some manufacturers does not have good relationships with Google and could seek such a solution. Let’s see if Kindle Fire’s success will be repeated.

Apr 03

Instagram is a social service through pictures, best known for iOS users. Android version was long overdue and developers have promised a better version than that of the iOS. After much speculation tease sites and the release date, time came, landed on the Play Store application.

Basically, what is? A photo sharing service that requires a user account. You can create a profile and add friends on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr.
How do I use? Take a picture using your phone camera, then apply different effects. Later, you can share it on one of the social sites.
How much it costs? Nothing! Perhaps a little patience to create your account and find your friends. Otherwise, it’s free on Play Store.

Newsletters for Android

All of us is using at least one application to keep us abreast with the latest news from the field that interests us. All I gave to the browser in favor of these magazines in digital format, which consumes fewer resources and have an attractive interface. But which application is best when it comes to news on the Android smartphone?

Feedly. Simplistic interface will not put anyone in need. You can configure multiple news sources and is mainly focused on Google Reader. Application opens quickly and does not consume much data traffic. Many will appreciate the swipe gesture to mark an article read / unread. There version of Google Chrome browser. It is available free store. Unfortunately only a widget application include small size (4×1) and share options of the social network is not functioning as intended.

Google Currents. The best interface. Swipe gestures, how they are arranged feeds, sharing options, everything is very carefully worked. It is a pleasure to read news with this application. It synchronizes with your Google account. Unfortunately consumes a lot of resources and data traffic. Not recommended for slow connections and does not include widgets. Sync takes forever.

Minimal Reader. I was pleasantly surprised by this application. It is based on widgets, very configurable, with access to Google Reader. Holo-style interface can be customized at will. Widgets are available in all sizes and versions are developed. Consumes very few resources and data traffic. There are options including display pictures in the widget, for low data consumption. Interface to access it to read an article can also be customized and included eight themes. Articles sharing the option. A drawback is lack of possibility to resize widgets and no additional sources of news.