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Dec 07

Android Market from Google finally reached the figure of 10 billion downloads and Google decided to organize an interesting promotion for its users. It is well known that the owners of Android devices do not really buy applications for various reasons and those from Google have thought to motivate them by launching a promotion that brings applications with only $0.1 to users. Gameloft, EA Games, and many other manufacturers offer hundreds of applications for just $0.1 in the next 10 days and Android owners can thank those of Google for that.

To celebrate this milestone, we partnered with some of the Android developers who contributed to this milestone to make a bunch of great Android apps available at an amazing price. Starting today for the next 10 days, we’ll have a new set of awesome apps available each day for only 10 cents each.

When Apple has celebrated 10 billion downloads from App Store gave $ 10,000 to one person in place to hold a promotion like this and in my opinion the strategy was wrong. I think that Apple has more to gain if it offers less to more than if offers more to a single person. I hope that Apple learned something here and in future will act in the same way with this promotion because it has the resources to do so and would enjoy tens of millions of iDevice owners.

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Dec 26

AppBrain App Market

Android Market is limited with filtering options (country charts, etc.).  AppBrain comes to solve this problem, with the web interface + application. You can make applications in the management interface of a PC but also on the phone.

You can download it from here.

Aug 16

If you need NotePad replacement for your Android Phone, ColorNote Notepad text app will answer your question about that. Not only NotePad killer, ColorNote Notepad for Android has some attractive features, one of which allow you to organize and manage your notes and checklists.

On the other hand, you have a lot of notes are allowed to categorize your notes with different colors on each note a case of what you usually do on your notebook. ColorNote Notepad also help you secure your notes with a password and backup notes features. You can search and download ColorNote Notepad in Android market.

Aug 13

Audible for Android now available on Android Market. Many things that you can get by using Audible for Android, including listening to all your favorite titles wherever you are using your Android phone.

In Addition, Audible for Android allow you to download audiobooks using your Android device directly. Audible has a feature called as up-to-the minute news, where you can get news updates every minute. You can also get detailed stats and Badges as well. Search in Android Market by type “Audible” or visit the official site here.

Aug 08

PayPal mobile application now goes to Android. As Android users, now you can send or transfer money, check your PayPal balance directly from your Android device. What are the benefits of PayPal Mobile App for Android? I am sure you will continue to read it.