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Jul 22

Each Android phone must have a capable multimedia player. We search recently on the Market for a good player, but we didn’t found something to handle many formats and also to have a very good interface. Because of this I have to say that we choose the best three players, namely:

The QQPlayer is winning the video formats supported (recognizes and. Avi)-interface is very simple: only include film position control, sound control, battery level and the clock. We can also set the scaling film factor, namely the original film or enlarge to “fill” the screen;

The Meridian has a nice interface and the TAB’s included can be selected in order-Playlist, Folder, Video, Music and Toolkit. Interesting is the music tab where you can sort all MP3s by Artist, Album, Genre, All Playlist and Writer. Very nice is that it can define gestures with functionalities. Unfortunately subtitles are available only with Pro version.

The mVideoPlayer – last but not least has filtering options, search options for IMDB, subtitles and poster for the film, is also interesting option to change screen brightness as well as video tab to adjust the zoom options throughout the film screen. One feature that I didn’t find at other players is the ability to set the font size or color to its option and resume a movie by simply moving the phone (of course only those that have accelerometer).

To finish with a conclusion, I would personally choose the pure functionality of mVideoPlayer but I want an update of its future to include codec for the format. I hope that you can decide what kind of multimedia player to choose from my article.

Jun 30

Captoom simplify the way you can organize your expenses. Using existing templates you can create detailed reports. You have to create an account on You can export reports and dates from your account.

List of features:

  • The application protects your personal finance-related data.
  • You can save receipts pictured directly from your camera phone.
  • Synchronize the costs with your web account.
  • Automatically get the location via GPS.
  • Organize expenses in directories.
  • The exchange rate is automatically used for conversions.
  • Multi-currency application support.
  • Download categories directly to your phone.
  • Automatically send reports in PDF, XLS, CSV to your email account.



Download Captoom from App Market. Enjoy! I am sure everyone of us need this application from time to time.

Jun 23

I just finished reading my first book in e-book format on a Smartphone. It was truly one of the most beautiful experiences of my life reading. I would have never thought that reading on a mobile phone can be so pleasant and relaxing.

But let’s get to work and do a review from this article. To read these e-books I used Aldiko eBook Reader application. The application can be found on the Android Market to the website directly from the developer.

Its graphical interface is a nice application that almost brings the smell of old wood from your own library. You always have access to the books you read at this time, direct access to books available (paid or free) on the Internet and also access to all of your library books. The font used to render the test is not exactly the best or most artistic, the font used by Nook is in my opinion the most beautiful, but is not a difficulty to get quickly through the text.

We recommend trying such an application if you have a Smartphone (with a screen large enough) or a tablet. Starting as falling asleep at night you can read even half an hour and you will see that in a month will have completed three books and have a much richer language.


  • A lot of free books
  • Clean interface
  • Default settings are best


  • It doesn’t indicate the page number you are, just the percent of the document.
  • Can move slowly on some old mobile devices

Rating: 9 / 10

Download Aldiko Ebook Reader now.

Jun 18

Most of the people live a part of their social life through the Internet. So to be up to date with the latest posts of your friends, TweetDesck for Android is the perfect application to carry out this work.

TweetDeck enables users’ accounts to log in to their Twitter, Facebook, Buzz and Foursquare and then receive all updated on all accounts. The application is divided into pages served according to social network, there is Twitter page, Facebook page, the page posts directly to user home page in which cumulates all posts from all social networks. TweetDeck allows you to choose ways of notification, the ring and data refresh interval. From this point of view I noticed no problem, the application always bringing the latest posts from all networks activated by me.

I for one, I left active only three pages, namely:

  • Home where all posts are made
  • Page posts sent directly to me
  • Foursquare page


  • Whole experience of socialization in one place.
  • Very clean interface and easy to understand


  • Posting service can be improved.

Download TweetDeck from the Android Market.

Jan 31

Not so it would be very useful to open up your WiFi yourself when you get to work? Or to activate the GPS navigation application automatically when you’re in the car? Tasker is doing exactly that. Automate any task that has to do with your phone functionality.

Download Tasker from here.

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