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Dec 24

In Germany, Apple a few weeks ago filed a new lawsuit against Motorola and it seems that the judges were inclined to give in favor of the company in Cupertino. A related patent of the UI interface application that displays the galleries with pictures of a smartphone seems to be based on technology that Apple could gain the Motorola but could quickly solve the problems with Android. A few days ago there was a preliminary hearing in this process and give judges inclined to gain because of Apple but a final decision will be made only on 16 February.

The ongoing smartphone patent war continues to be a war of attrition in which no decisive “knockout” blow is likely in the very near term, but Apple is making ever more progress forcing its competitors to modify their products in order to work around some of Apple’s original ideas, which is what Steve Jobs wanted them to do.

We must not forget that Motorola has the power to ban imports of Apple products in Europe thanks to a court decision obtained in Germany. So far people seem determined to Motorola to take such a radical decision, but if Apple will continue to harass them in the courts from U.S. and Europe may witness the first decision to ban the import of Apple products in Europe.

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Dec 23

Today a report was published probably to enjoy the Android device manufacturers as some analysts argue that in the recent months the iPhone has lost its market share held in Europe. Basically the iPhone sales grew in the U.S., Australia and Britain but would have fallen in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and other European countries.

The information could be 100% true, but they were collected and during the period when iPhone 4S was not released yet, so for some countries in Europe, where market share seems to have fallen, sales were only in early counting November.

I guess that in the coming days will be many rumors that the iPhone will die in Europe but the reality is that the study has not counted a long time after the release of iPhone 4S so information could be flawed.

On the other hand should not be excluded that the cheap Android devices is presented as an alternative for those who either can not afford iPhone or were not impressed by iPhone 4S but for now the Apple device seems to sell well. In January we will know how many tens of millions of iPhones has sold Apple and then we’ll see how these kinds of rumors are true.

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Dec 21

A mobile operating system is good only if there are developers who believe in it and develop applications for its applications store. In this year iOS was by far the preferred platform by the application developers in the war Android vs iOS, the platform of Apple won certainly. Comparing the projects for applications started on the two platforms in Q3 2011 over three quarters of projects were started for iOS and not for Android OS platform.

While the market nearly doubled for both platforms, we believe key events changed the proportion of support between these two platforms.  Of particular note, Apple expanded distribution for iOS devices beyond its long-standing exclusive with AT&T to include Verizon in February and Sprint in October.

The information is coming from Flurry, a company that analyzes the data sent of over 55,000 companies who use its software. It is well known that the App Store of Apple generates more money than Google’s Android Market and probably from this reason iOS won in Q2 of 2011 the confidence of some developers of applications for Android. Finally Google can not yet compete with Apple to attract developers to its platform and probably will not ever be able to do this but at least it tries.

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Dec 16

In Q2 of 2011 iPad has more than two thirds of the tablet market with a market share of 68.1% in Q3, but it seems that things have changed. Today those from IDC have published estimates of sales in Q3 of 2011 and iPad tablet seems to have lost about 7% of market share reaching a value of 61.5%.

Of course, Android tablets were “stealing” market share and I think that Kindle iPad tablet is assigned a part of a great “victory” because it was sold in millions of copies worldwide.

Apple’s larger portfolio of tablet-specific apps, upcoming iPad versions, and growing physical store presence in key emerging markets like Asia/Pacific will help maintain its global leadership.

iPad tablet market is compared with a mixture of tablets launched by various manufacturers but if you compare strictly the manufacturers then Apple has a market share of 10 times higher than Samsung, the largest manufacturer of tablets in the world.

In 2012 Apple will continue to lose market share now held us tablets will be launched, they will become increasingly better and increasingly will attract more users. I think that an iPad 3 with quad-core would save the day for Apple, but remains to be seen if at the company there is the same thinking.

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Dec 11

Carrier IQ is the company that helped the install in iDevices, Android smartphones, Nokia or Blackberry devices allowing to the software manufacturers and mobile operators to monitor the user activity on their devices. On Android is the biggest problem because Carrier IQ works as a keylogger and monitor each letter typed by users. Although some did not want to admit this, Eric Schmidt, the chairman of the Google board, admitted that Carrier IQ software is an “acceptable program”.

But he made it clear that Google does not approve of Carrier IQ’s methods. Its software is pre-installed and collects data in the background to report back to operators. Users are unable to disable it without completely wiping their smartphone.

Although Eric Schmidt acknowledged that the Carrier IQ is not good for users, he said that Google had no interference in its implementation in mobile devices. Moreover, Eric Schmidt said that this software was able to be implemented in Android OS as an open platform and talk that Google would not how to stop it. Fortunately, all producers will get this software from all the devices that iOS and Android OS installed but unfortunately it took everything to become public before this happen.