Sep 05

Although we do not have any official news from Apple about the launch of the iPhone 5, apparently T-Mobile Germany has opened a session of pre-orders for the launch of the new device. The information comes from an Italian site that says that on the site of T-Mobile there is a section where customers can reserve an iPhone 5 device for the official launch.

Checking the site of operator we did not find any page of this and neither any promotional material for iPhone 5. Lack of the promotion lies in the fact that the operator would provide the opportunity to preorder direct from the accounts only for specific users and for some subscribers.

So far no German site has confirmed the news so I can not tell you that it’s only a rumor at the moment. I could not believe that a mobile operator would start a session of pre-orders for Apple iPhone 5 before announcing it but anything is possible.

A spokesman for T-Mobile confirmed to Bloomberg that the publication will take the mobile operator for iPhone 5 preorders starting today! Given the actions of the T-Mobile, iPhone launch in May could occur in the near future!

Deutsche Telekom AG (DTE) will allow customers to reserve the next generation of Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone as of today in anticipation of supply bottlenecks for the device, spokesman Alexander von Schmettow said by phone.

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