Oct 08

After the death of Steve Jobs, all the world is wondering who will take the reins of Apple, who will continue the string of innovations, Who will keep Apple in the top of the world’s best companies? The answer is very simple: Steve Jobs.

Before his death Steve Jobs has prepared the future products of Apple ready for the next four years and we talk about a new versions of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and the MacBook‘s. Apparently Steve Jobs has left the detailed drawings for the design of new products but also lists with their specifications so that Apple can still string successes achieved so far.

It was quite natural that Steve Jobs to leave some of his ideas in the form of open projects in the Apple and the famous iPhone 5 with a changet design that could be one of the company’s future products. It is clear that the Apple strategy for the next few years has been established by Jobs before he died but remains to be seen whether the company’s current leaders will follow it or not.

The products launched by Steve Jobs over the past four years have changed the evolution of Apple and if so then things will continue over four years Apple would be much greater than we know today.

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