Mar 06

Now control is so easy..

The most powerful Today plug-in ever

  • Easily customize your Today
  • Drag-and-drop
  • 30+ beautiful skins
  • Start your favorite programs in one tap
  • Organize other plug-ins in tabs

Turn your Internet Explorer into a full featured web browser

  • Tabs like in IE7
  • Drag screen with your finger
  • Fast search panel
  • Save web pages
  • View page source

All the features you missed in File Explorer

  • ZIP support
  • File encryption
  • File properties (view and edit file extension and attributes)
  • Storage card format
  • Check folder size in folder properties

Close button that really closes!

  • Close programs not minimize them:
  • Make your device faster
  • Free up more memory
  • Task manager
  • Tap-and-hold to see running programs

Scroll web pages, contacts, emails, etc with your finger

  • Easy and intuitive scrolling
  • Optimized for fingers
  • Panning
  • Kinetic effect
  • Compatible with standard applications

Extend SPB Pocket Plus functionality with powerful plug-ins:

  • Weather forecast
  • World Clocks
  • PIM (Organizer)
  • Profiles and photo speed dial

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