Oct 21

The iOS 5 of the software company from Cupertino was already installed on 25 million of iDevice’s but some owners of iPad still fail to install the 3G version of the operating system although it is available for more than a week in iTunes.

Moreover, any attempt to restore will lead to inability to stop using the tablet because it remains stuck in Recovery Mode and without SHSH for 4.3.5 does not allow the restore. Those who fail to do restore to iOS 5, or in DFU mode, get an error during the restore process, error apparently is related to damage of internal components of the tablet.

On the Apple discussion forums already three threads discussing this problem: 1, 2, and 3 and yet those who have encountered have contacted Apple and were told that they must change their tablet with a new one. Apple does not seem to have a solution for an error besides the physical change of the tablet so if you are in this situation might not have choice but to send the tablet to guarantee.

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