Oct 12

Siri is certainly one of the most interesting features of the iPhone 4S but unfortunately the function is available exclusively on the new device of Cupertino company’s. Immediately after the release of GM iOS 5 have appeared the first information indicating that Syria might be ported to iPhone 4 or iPad 2.

Unfortunately MuscleNerd comes today with some very bad news. It seems that Syria will be ported to the old device only if will be discovered BOOTROM exploit for the A5 chip of iPhone 4S and this will take a while. Although Chronic Dev Team has a solution of jailbreak untethered, it is userland, which is implemented in iOS and not from BOOTROM.

Siri could theoretically be ported and without BOOTROM exploit piracy but this would require the crack of the function developed by Apple and the Dev Team will not assume the responsibility for this process.

Neither iH8sn0w will be interested to do this, so Siri will probably be available for the old terminal after iOS 5.1 will be released and a BOOTROM exploit could be included in a jailbreak solution for users. In conclusion, if you want to use the new Siri would be better to buy an iPhone 4S or find a friend who has already purchased one.

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