Apr 29

SwipePad is an ingenious solution to have available a series of defined shortcuts to applications, contacts and more. The true innovation is the availability of these shortcuts from any application with a simple gesture on the screen in a predefined area.

SwipePad is very easy to configure. The menu settings define application behavior, vibration, sound and light. On the following tab, define the most important action, the application or operating areas. They can be located anywhere and they differ from launching applications through shortcuts on recent contacts menu or recently accessed applications. We will first talk about the free app, which subsequently define an area, provides access to a number of twelve shortcuts. These can be shortcuts or applications. To access them, all you need to do is press the predefined area and the menu appears to the application you want to access. To redefine a box, turn ring to it and keep it there until it becomes yellow. Also you can be happy to hear that SwipePad offers addons, all paid. These, four at number, are drastically expanding functionality:

– MoreSpace – offers a greater number of houses, over the twelve as standard;
– Dynamic Pads – for access the contacts and recent applications;
– WidgetPad – all favorite widgets available from any application;
– AppLauncher – assign a box and you can launch any application while running other application.

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