Jul 15

Microvision Company presented a new laser pico projector compatible with apple devices and called SHADOWW+™. The device can connect via a special connector but comes with HDMI port so that any computer can easily connect to it. Microvision Pico Projector is capable to show images setting the resolution to 848 × 480 over a distance of up to 200 inches but the main device must be capable of displaying images in 480p format.

SHADOWW+™ uses 15 lumens to display images and it can hold its own battery for up to 5 hours of active constant use. Such a device would be very useful for those who have made presentations faster and doesn’t have a computer around but a tablet iPad or iPhone that have an Excel document, Word or PDF with important information. Of course we can design any images using this device but to purchase it should pull no more than $369 from your pocket. Is not yet available on the market but pre-order can be made here.

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