Feb 20

Experts from G DATA Security Labs has seen applications from Android Market, which in the past have been discovered and of course deleted, because they worked as malware.

Applications, including a Flashlight, steal personal data such as contacts and phone numbers and use them to advertise similar applications from other developers.

Not long ago, these applications returned, except that now contain an agreement, and icons color have slightly changed.

Once installed, the application will be active, without having an impact on the device. The program was able to evade book contacts, phone numbers and IMEI numbers and send them, decrypted, to criminals.

A few hours after installation, the application already distributed more advertising of the developer’s apps “Typ3 Studio”.

These applications are now available in Android Market and have been downloaded more than 10,000 users but G Date MobileSecurity  can detect and remove the above problems.

Protect your tablet/phone with Android OS

  • Use only reliable sources to install an application. Before installation, read Reviews and comments to be better informed
  • Find out why the award requested permission before buying an application. Aided by security solutions, you can decide if and which applications will receive authorization, even after installation
  • The received messages that you do not understand should not be simply ignored. These messages can be indicative of malicious functionality of certain applications. To protect the Internet should seek to understand TLS message received – may be important for the security of your device’s data

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