Dec 15

For several weeks days Samsung runs in the U.S. an advertising campaign that takes into laughter the iPhones owners. Samsung promotes their devices and presents the current iPhone functions as inferior to those available in the Galaxy series.

Although Samsung was initially subjected to a wave of criticism, the reality is a little different because Americans begin to take seriously the Samsung brand and the device of companies generates more buzz than iPhones from the American continent.

Starting around Nov. 28 — six days after Samsung began airing its Galaxy Nexus ads mocking Apple’s (AAPL) customer base (see here) — the Korean conglomerate’s “buzz” started rising and the iPhone’s drifting down. And on Wednesday, according to a press release issued by YouGov

The information comes from agency YouGov that daily interviews over 5,000 people about more than 1,100 brands present in the U.S. Samsung campaign now give the results but foresee that in the near future we will see some commercials that Apple will give us an answer Samsung.

It would not be excluded to see ads like Mac vs PC but against to the Android OS and anyway Apple think the problem, the idea is that a campaign to promote iPhones would be beneficial right now.

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