Nov 01

Seeing that has no chance to block sales of the iPhone 4S patents for technologies in telecommunications, Samsung now requires a court from Australia to force Apple to show them the source code of iPhone 4S as well as that Apple plan grants the operators agreed with the Australian . Basically Samsung wants to check the source code to see what iPhone 4S patents violate the Cupertino Company’s device and this is a sign that Samsung has not really what to attack Apple in court.

On the other hand seems exaggerated the application to view on subsidies offered contracts by Australian operators for iPhone. Samsung says the subsidies offered for the iPhone are so great that operators can not provide subsidies for smartphones Asian companies. From my point of view it shows the desperation of demand from poor sales on Samsung and their devices in Australia.

Operators can enter into contracts as they wish subsidies given that everything is done to increase sales the devices that have the greatest popularity among consumers. In Australia Apple managed to block the sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and is very likely that iPhone sales not to be blocked considering the applications from Samsung.

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