Nov 16

Now more than a few months Apple has managed to obtain a prohibition on sales of tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany and those from Samsung have been working lately to change product design.

In the picture above we have Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet with the old and the new design up and down but the main differences are the color edge and shortening housing so it will not appear under the tablet sides. The new design brings a new name for the tablet that now can be found under the name Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N in company stores in Germany.

In its intellectual property spat with Apple, Samsung proves resilient, perseverant, and courageous. If there ever was any doubt about those virtues (not on my part anyway), here’s the latest example: the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is once again available in Germany, despite a preliminary injunction that Apple won in early August and the Dusseldorf Regional Court confirmed in September.

It is interesting that the tablet is already available for purchase in Germany so Samsung has not stayed with Apple to see if the new product could be challenged in court or not. I guess that Apple will fight even with this new design but I’m curious how will managed to convince a court to block the new product sales in Germany.

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