Feb 24

Samsung is preparing a replacement for the current Exynos chipset, available in two versions:  dual-core and quad-core.

The new manufacturing process is exchangeing in favor of to 32 nm instead of 45 nm and managed according to internal testing to provide a performance increase of 26% compared to its predecessor, while improving battery life by 34-50%. And the video performance is improved by about one quarter.

Samsung has chosen for the new chipset to optimize energy consumption first and not to aim for maximum performance, thus allowing smartphone models with better battery life, or even a slim and lightweight construction, obtained by using smaller capacity batteries. However, quad-core Exynoss processor version will try to compet with of the Tegra 3 chipset from Nvidia, launched since late last year.

We’ll see if Samsung is confident enough in the performance of the new chipset to offer a live demo at Mobile World Congress next week.

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