Jun 02

Samsung who has a successful line in mobile phone marketing since last one year, is preparing to launch Samsung Galaxy S model mobile phone in tens of countries.

Samsung’s landing in mobile phone marketing caused a big profit for them. As Samsung didn’t confine with this; they took back Google Android OS‘s power and succeed to increase their profit. Company is preparing to launch new mobile phone Galaxy S to the market nowadays.

Galaxy S will have a title as: “The most powerful Android Phone.”. The Phone that will use all adventages of Android Operating System, will be launched in 100 countries at the same time.

The reason of Samsung’s fast attack relies on; popularity of iPhone 4G’s incoming news and worries about their customers to be snatched by Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S that has really powerful in respect of specialities; will compete against iPhone 4G. According to experts’ reviews, the winner of this competition will direct new generation phones.

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