Mar 31

After we find out that Samsung has offered in Korea a consolation Value Pack for Galaxy S that can not receive Android 4.0, now we have the full version of OS’s obviously arrived through informal means on Galaxy S. It is CyanogenMod 9, Steve’s famous custom ROM Kondik.

Note that now, Steve Kondik aka Cyanogen works for Samsung, so it has some advantages, having close contact with other official Android 4.0 Samsung terminals. Thus, we have more confidence in his ROMs than other customized software hackers. The new CyanogenMod 9 compatible with Galaxy S is in the alpha phase and was put on the site servers associated with this ROM. The ROM is created using source code from Google and are offered improved performance and stability for the device so successful in 2010.

Expect many bugs and problems, especially the camera and connectivity, as always happens with alpha’s release. For now we recommend to wait until the software will be finished or even feedback that will be offered enough problems to be solved.

Dungeon Hunter 3
Dungeon Hunter 3 part series dedicated to those from Gameloft. There’s some time since it’s available for iOS platform but, after many delays, today became available on Android. The third part of the series promises improvement. What is it? Type game hack-and-slash RPG flavor you put in the position of one of the 4 characters available. Pregnancy player is to eradicate, by brute force or magic, various creatures I stand in your way. Unlike the preceding parts of the series, no more action going on underground to the surface but in arenas. Character can be customized in the classical style RPG and the procurement system was introduced in the game. The graphics are very well done, each arena has its own theme. Fluid control is achieved through stick and virtual buttons. A title worth the wait. Be careful, the game takes about 500MB space. I recommend to download using the wireless connection. It’s free on Play Store. Enjoy!

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