Apr 04

November news has arrived from Korea and announces the commissioning of the screen reserved for Galaxy S III.

The screen produced at Samsung Mobile Display measures 4.65 inches and supports HD resolution. Unlike the one installed on Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the new screen has a classic RGB matrix instead of PentTile one, superior in terms of detail displayed. With a density of 316 ppi, almost as much as the Retina Display of iPhone 4S, the screen with Super AMOLED Plus technology promises a higher level of clarity and more work space, measured in an effective resolution of 1280×720 pixels.

Other unconfirmed information can submit a ceramic housing for Galaxy S III, more handsome and more durable than the plastic glossy or textured ones preferred for most current models. The body of about 7 mm thick would hide a latest quad-core processor, along with accessories such as NFC module for electronic payments.

Stock rumors revealed more details about the mysterious Samsung GT-9300. This is indeed a medium Smartphone, different from Galaxy S III, which could enter the market with the name Samsung Galaxy M.

Galaxy M’s configuration seems to be centered around a dual-core processor running at 1.4 GHz based on Exynoss and GPU Mali 400M. 4 inch diagonal display supports a wide resolution less common: 600×1024 pixels.

The launch of Samsung Galaxy S III remains uncertain, with some expectations for the period of April, but with no real confirmation from Samsung.

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