Feb 28

I want to tell you that picture below is of Galaxy S III, but I can’t. This is a rendering that accompanies the first details on one of the most anticipated Smartphones of 2012. Samsung company did not came with it to MWC 2012 and it is possible to expect some information from the court dropped by Apple about iPhone 5.

Top of the range of the Korean manufacturer will come with a screen of 4.8 inch. Rumors refers to a “Blu-ray display”, a strange combination of terms, but that would make sense somehow.

Blu-ray image of a film has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. If the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S III will have the same resolution, then we have a major problem. From my personal experience I think that is hard to deal with full HD resolution on a screen of 13 “. On the other hand, Samsung can use four physical pixels to display one of the image. Thus, the human eye will not be able to observe the space between pixels and the image is much finer.

On the back of the Samsung Galaxy S III we will find a camera with 8 MP sensor. We expect that will be BSI type, to compete with other models that are launched. The front camera will have a 2 MP sensor. Motoring of Android 4.0 is made ​​by Samsung Exynos chipset with quad core at 1.5 GHz.

To tackle suggestions of copying design from Apple, Samsung will put Galaxy S III in a ceramic housing. It should be strong and very pleasant to the touch. Like I said, the picture above is just a rendering, but refers to a design with very narrow margins of the screen. Galaxy S III is expected in May-June 2012 period.

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