Dec 03

Samsung Galaxy S II is presented by several sites as the smartphone of 2011 and all this with a month before the end of the year. If we look at things objectively the choice is good but the simple fact that it is only fair.

iPhone 4 could not be chosen the phone of the year (because it won the title in 2010 and still was an old product), iPhone 4S could not be elected because it was launched only in October and was observed mainly through Siri and a lot of problems and other Android devices to merit the title doesn’t exist.

This year Samsung Galaxy S II is the smartphone of the year because is stronger than the iPhone 4 in terms of performance and because Apple has delayed the launch of the iPhone 4S months so it gave enough time for S II to “perform” on the market. If the iPhone 4S was launched in June of 2011 the things were different but in my view Galaxy S II worth to won the title this year.

As a consolation for Apple, iPad 2 was chosen as the tablet of 2011 and the product of 2011 and MacBook Air of 13 inch was chosen as the laptop of the year.

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