Jan 18

Samsung S5660 Galaxy Gio can be easily considered as the younger brother of the first successful phone Galaxy series, produced by Samsung that the Samsung Galaxy S. If SGS brought a high-performance processor, even when writing this article, along with a special screen or not leave Gio outdone, the processor is clocked at 800 MHz, and the screen, even if it is not Super AMOLED , has good quality, even in direct sunlight.

It can be used in GSM networks, the connection being made quickly. However, the first use is automatically detected by the telephone network, and if you have activated the card you get instant internet settings for connection as soon as possible. On the Internet is compatible with both EDGE and 3G standards, living area is one where 3G works occasionally, not a constant signal, EDGE maintaining permanent.

If we talk about connecting to the Internet, it must be said that we can connect to wireless networks through a variety of standards such as 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11 n. We were able to almost instantly make a connection wireless network in about 2 seconds.

Bluetooth transfer of files stored locally offers, in addition to support for Bluetooth, is an advantage, some smartphones, originating in California, requires a special application for transferring files. Speed ​​is decent in 30 seconds transferring 8 photos on another phone. Synchronization with PC or Mac files can be done via Micro-USB cable included Samsung Kies application.

Samsung Galaxy Gio has Android Froya as operating system, version 2.2.1, over the people at Samsung have put their own interface, TouchWiz 3.0, making intuitive OS of those from Google, and easily to use.
We have 3 virtual screens, each of which can be personalized with widgets. We also have the option to change the background image or wallpaper with a static or live with one, the latter being an option for those who want a special background, the disadvantage is speed battery discharge.

I think that the phone can be a great tool for entertainment, socializing and efficiency, lacking a few features to get in top class phones, but having the basic ones needed.

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