Oct 20

3 months ago Apple announced to amaze the whole world that has sold no less than 20 million smartphones in a single quarter. For Apple we talking then that were a record and thanks to Apple become the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world surpassing the company Nokia for first time in history. A few days ago Apple announced that it sold 17.1 million smartphones last quarter and put sales appeared weak in mind rumors about a possible launch of iPhone 5.

Today we learn that Samsung would be shipped 20 million smartphones to its partners worldwide, the figure is 3 million units higher than for Apple. In theory this difference should rank as the largest producer Samsung smartphone in the world, right? The situation might be slightly different because the information did not actually say how many units sold but said it delivered 20 million to its partners. Given that both companies use different terms for cataloging these “sales” is really hard to say whether or not Samsung surpassed Apple.

The information is currently only estimates made by analysts Americans and we all know how well they guess what is expected to announce big companies now so Apple remains on the first place, a place you might lose it next week when Samsung will announce financial results.

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