Jan 16

The first mobile phone with QWERTY keyboard and DUOS Samsung Ch @ t 322 offers businessmen on the move and those who communicate than text messaging, mobile best options when traveling. Whether you use two phone numbers or enjoy the benefits of different tariff plans, access to two SIM cards will help you communicate more convenient twice. Enjoy anytime, anywhere access to e-mail to your favorite social network site and even instant messaging! QWERTY keyboard enables typing, while the optical joystick and menu shortcuts make navigation very easy! Always be connected – with business partners, friends and family!

Access two SIM cards simultaneously! combined power and connectivity advantages of the two mobile phones in one! Whether you want to separate the personal phone service, better coverage when you travel or take advantage of favorable tariff benefits, DUOS function makes it easier and more accessible. Why manually change SIM cards when your phone does everything automatically?

Being connected is very important – for business and personal level! Therefore, this phone will allow access to social networking sites your favorites, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can even communicate and instant messaging. The shortcuts and real-time updates available on your screen, you are always aware of the social. Managing e-mail is easier than ever – automatic function makes it so you do not have to constantly check for new e-mails received. The Samsung is very easy to keep up with your social life!

Samsung Ch @ t 322 is improved only with perfect features to keep connected socially, but professionally, and improved interface makes it easy to use! Optical trackpad will facilitate and speed up the browsing menu. Explore the world more intuitive and comfortable furniture.

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