Sep 28

Do you remember the iPhone 5 carcasses that were released in July by some manufacturers of accessories from China? Well it looks like they were made after a prototype of iPhone 5 that Foxconn would have lost and some manufacturers of cases would be purchased for only $ 3100. The story comes from a blog in China that would be heard from a mobile vendor in Shenzen.

It’s hard to say how true is the story especially as the blog says that the device would have a design similar to that of the tablet iPad 2 but is thicker on the top and thinner at the bottom. Strange is that it would support components of iPhone 4 in it so we probably talking about a very old concept, if the story is true.

Leaving aside the possible prototype iPhone, it seems that iOS 5 is publicly available since 12 October, with two days before the possible launch of the iPhone 5. For now the date is shown only by a title of rumor but it would be truthful if iOS 5 GM will be released tomorrow, otherwise it’s unlikely that Apple will release a new version of iOS without at least 2 weeks of testing. Meanwhile do not forget that on October 4 will take place the icloud conference presentation, iOS 5 and iPhone 5.

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