Aug 27

Day before yesterday Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple and many believed that he will leave the company he founded from more than 3 decades ago. In fact Steve Jobs remains at the helm, but he give up on the title of CEO, title that will be offered to Tim Cook. Since everyone sees Steve Jobs went on, rumors began to emerge as the founder of Cupertino say will be present for the last time an Apple conference in September where will be presented iPhone 5 and iOS 5. Those who still believe that Steve Jobs will leave Apple as easily will be wrong. Jobs is the chairman of the Management Board of the Cupertino company, he has access to all projects developed within the company so basically gets the same dominance as far.

Steve Jobs has held in the last six months exactly the same function that will own and now and he will continue to lead from the shadow of Cupertino company in the future we will definitely see it at other conferences of the company to showcase their revolutionary new products . As long as Steve Jobs is healthy will be present at Apple and its conferences. In the future we will see Tim Cook as “front” but Steve Jobs of Apple official will be present at any important moment in the company.

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