Mar 09

The new iPad was a topic of intense discussion in recent days. A lot of them refers to screen resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. Those who saw it in the flesh say that is impressive in every respect. But analysts say that Apple may have problems with them. Home detention to display the new iPad retina is related to autonomy. Although the surface is the same as the previous model, the higher number of pixels means that are required twice as many LEDs for lighting.

A larger number of LEDs involves higher consumption and Apple has almost doubled the battery capacity. This was reflected on the size and weight of the tablet. iPad manufacturer says the new model offers the same range as the iPad 2, but analysts are reluctant about this statement. Not only the screen consume more, but the chipset too, which now comes with a quad core GPU. Hopefully Apple have done well calculations in terms of consumption.

Another problem with iPad’s screen 3 is availability. If the device will have the same success as previous models, it is possible that display manufacturers can not face the demand. The technology for these panels is the next generation and there are few plants able to produce. We shall see how things will be in the second half of March, when new iPad will enter the market.

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