Jul 29

Accessories that allow us to make panoramic photos using their own devices are not new but Pixeet now brings a new way to perform this function. Pixeet developed a special case for iPhone 4 which allows attaching a device that allows us to make panoramic photos using the iPhone terminal 4. Case for iPhone 4 is simple, like any other but it attaches the device that allows recording panoramic pictures using magnets so you must be a little careful with it when you take pictures.

Of course, the case comes with a special application that connects pictures taken using iOS Wide angle lens for video but unfortunately there is no option to do the same. Recorded pictures can be shared on any of the existing social networks but can also be saved in your computer. To see pictures in widescreen format you should upload the site of the Pixeet offering free hosting for 50 photo for each month. Case of the Pixeet costs only 50 $, an affordable price for quality of the product offered.

What is the biggest problem of the producers with such kind of accessories? Apple seems interested to implement similar features in iOS 5 and iPhone 5. Pixeet said about that: “our pocket sized fisheye lens can be carried everywhere! Instantly and remove the lens mount on your iPhone with our patented magnetic system. Spherical Panoramas, pictures, videos.”

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