Feb 25

Despite the bad news given by Sony Ericsson, Xperia X10 users can already test the alpha version feature phones ICS for X10, ported specifically for these devices by developers from XDA.

In Ice Cream Sandwich alpha version for Xperia X10 the most basic characteristics, such as touch screen, radio frequency (signal), GPS and Bluetooth, runs smoothly, instead it is more difficult in terms of Wi-Fi’s, mobile internet (mobile data) and audio playback, and the remaining sites feature the Android 4.0 does not work at all. But all of these will be fixed in the future versions.

The challenge in terms of new versions of Android port is to make drivers for hardware to work in these releases. It is still unknown if Sony Ericsson will be involved again and help developers as they have in terms of various phones Xperia Cyanogen Mod port, but certainly upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich for the 2011 series will be their great help. We hope however that up to a full working version of ICS Xperia X10 will not take long, but until then those interested can test the alpha version you can download from here.

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