Apr 20

You probably know that HTC One X from Europe has a U.S. version called HTC One XL, which brings LTE support and a new processor. HTC has replaced the Nvidia Tegra processor quad-core 3 with a dual core Snapdragon S4 as Tegra 3 does not support the LTE standard from AT&T. Well now it seems Nvidia comes up with a solution: Tegra 3+.

Through the new Tegra 3 upgrade, NVIDIA will offer a rival for  Qualcomm processor, but also one that supports AT&T LTE standard and beyond. This processor is codenamed Grey and arrives at the market throughout this year. Michael Rayfield, general manager of the section NVIDIA Tegra Mobile said that although Tegra 3+ will arrive by the end of the year, integration of LTE will be received at the beginning of 2013. The good news is that you do not have to wait to have a mobile with Tegra 4 performance, but also with support for the latest connectivity.

It will be interesting that Samsung launch the long-awaited Galaxy S III or a quad core Exynos that supports LTE still a blow to Nvidia, especially since Exynos’s ready to go to other producers. An example is Meizu, which will launch a phone with a quad core CPU Exynos. Will Samsung start to count as largest manufacturer of processors at the expense of Qualcomm, Nvidia and even Intel?

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