Mar 01

World’s leading mobile phone company Nokia, decided to be change 46 million mobile phone batteries in the direction of the complaints from overheating during charging on.

According to the BBC’s news, these batteries being used in Nokia’s 50 different models. Problematic Type  batteries had been produced by the Japanese company Matsushita on December of 2005 in November of last year. In news it is reported that, over 250 million batteries had produced for Nokia by other companies did not have any problem.A clarification from Nokia included, “So far we have received 100 complaints. Our company has determined that the batteries had affected from this fault, became overheated and came away due to very rare cases.” statements. According to Nokia no notifications has been recieved for overheating problems caused by “a serious injury or damage”.

In the statement it is also mentioned that Nokia users could check their batteries whether they are faulty or not.

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