Feb 26

Nokia Siemens Networks announced that it will demonstrate at the Mobile World Congress a technology called HSPA + Multiflow, designed to improve the stability of connections the mobile internet, allowing phones reached the edge of the range of a cell phone network to connect simultaneously to a second communication point nearby.

New technology comes with some bold promises, such as doubling transfer speeds and reduce latency by 50% compared to current HSPA + networks.

According to the company, technology, HSPA + Multiflow not take additional frequency space and can be implemented by mobile phone companies with a simple software update. Unfortunately the same can be said about mobile phones and 3G modems owned by users, those needing a new chipset to support Multiflow benefit.

After the demonstration in partnership with Qualcomm, Nokia hopes to get the standardization of HSPA + Multiflow technology by mid this year and the first commercial products reach the market by the end of 2013.

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