Mar 07

Nokia unveiled at MWC 2012 a new version for Nokia Drive navigation system, which comes with a number of improvements and increases distance battle with Google Navigation. But which one is the best?

A year ago, if you needed a navigation system occasionally for a trip abroad you didn’t have too many solutions available. Things have changed last summer when Google launched Google Navigation system integrated into Google Maps available for Smartphones with Android operating system.

Nokia came with their navigation system, Nokia Drive, based on Nokia Maps, and it is currently available for smartphones using Windows OS. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Finnish manufacturer Nokia introduced a new version of Drive, which includes some nice features not available in Google Navigation.

Although not direct competitors (Nokia Drive is running on Windows Phone and  Google Navigation on Android), is interesting to see which of the two navigation systems is better.

Thus, Nokia Drive gives you more information in the dashboard, including speed limits (where available) and time of arrival to your destination. So far, the only options were to display the time you will arrive at the destination (without the current time to be mentioned somewhere) and the distance that you have to go.

If you travel on long distance occasionally, Nokia and Google Navigation Drive are two interesting solutions, especially because both can be used offline if you download maps in advance.

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