Apr 01

Nokia is working hard for a new update for its operating system home made, the late Symbian. Nokia Belle was a pleasant surprise and is expected Carla. Please notice what’s the codename, easier to remember than S^3 for example.

I must say from the outset that Nokia Carla OS will arrive on:

  • Nokia 700;
  • Nokia 701;
  • Nokia 808 PureView;
  • Nokia 603.

Will not be update:

  • Nokia N8;
  • Nokia C6-01;
  • Nokia C7;
  • Nokia E7.

From the news out in front of screen shots we have a new method to unlock the screen based on a swipe gesture, Nokia browser with a new look more put together, a new QWERTY keyboard touch that seems inspired by Windows Phone, area where you can set options reminds of MeeGo, and a little changed music player.

Android 4.0 reach on Meizu MX and M9 phones

After Huawei stunned everyone by launching Android 4.0 beta on Huawei Honor, long before Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation to dream at the Ice Cream Sandwich, today, Chinese from Meizu are moving quickly. They have announced the release of Ice Cream Sandwich in public beta mode for MX Meizu and M9.

Meizu was a company with only with 2-3 years ago was known for producing the most advanced clone of iPhone, but now has become a respected brand, at least in Asia. The company is on board with Android handsets and their features are not bad. M9 and MX receive Android 4.0 in public beta test a month based on experience of developers. New release for Meizu ICS stock is based on software version, so is not involving any customization.

The software brings a new look on Meizu terminals, facial unlock and efficient multitasking system. The private beta testing for Android 4.0 Meizu was started in mid-February and had excellent results. During the program, users were impressed by the speed that brings new OS and how well it responds to commands, plus fixing the bugs that Meizu MX have.

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