Mar 15

If the eternal duel between Google and Apple based on patents, or between Samsung and Apple, there is still a third company which could involve at least in the Patent slide to unlock. This is Nokia, which would be applied for obtaining the patent since 2007, while Google made ​​a similar request, but only in October 2011.

And obviously we can not forget about Apple, who just sued Samsung screen unlock system on Galaxy Nexus. As official documents in 2007 says Nokia wanted to patent “a method to unlock a touch screen terminal, that may involve contact or activation of an area of the screen”. We find out that “if the area is moved, expanded or moved to the edge of the handset when the phone will be unlocked and activated a specific application in the area”.

The result of this patent was Nokia Bubbles technology, which appeared in early 2011, although the concept itself was already for about 4 years. In these conditions is very hard to understand why Apple won the case with Motorola in Germany for patent infringement in the case of slide to unlock of Droid RAZR. And if Nokia had this technology in plan in 2007, you should know that since 2005 there is a terminal with Slide to unlock technology! We are talking about Neonode N1m. Will Nokia dare to sue Apple?

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