Apr 03

Instagram is a social service through pictures, best known for iOS users. Android version was long overdue and developers have promised a better version than that of the iOS. After much speculation tease sites and the release date, time came, landed on the Play Store application.

Basically, what is? A photo sharing service that requires a user account. You can create a profile and add friends on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr.
How do I use? Take a picture using your phone camera, then apply different effects. Later, you can share it on one of the social sites.
How much it costs? Nothing! Perhaps a little patience to create your account and find your friends. Otherwise, it’s free on Play Store.

Newsletters for Android

All of us is using at least one application to keep us abreast with the latest news from the field that interests us. All I gave to the browser in favor of these magazines in digital format, which consumes fewer resources and have an attractive interface. But which application is best when it comes to news on the Android smartphone?

Feedly. Simplistic interface will not put anyone in need. You can configure multiple news sources and is mainly focused on Google Reader. Application opens quickly and does not consume much data traffic. Many will appreciate the swipe gesture to mark an article read / unread. There version of Google Chrome browser. It is available free store. Unfortunately only a widget application include small size (4×1) and share options of the social network is not functioning as intended.

Google Currents. The best interface. Swipe gestures, how they are arranged feeds, sharing options, everything is very carefully worked. It is a pleasure to read news with this application. It synchronizes with your Google account. Unfortunately consumes a lot of resources and data traffic. Not recommended for slow connections and does not include widgets. Sync takes forever.

Minimal Reader. I was pleasantly surprised by this application. It is based on widgets, very configurable, with access to Google Reader. Holo-style interface can be customized at will. Widgets are available in all sizes and versions are developed. Consumes very few resources and data traffic. There are options including display pictures in the widget, for low data consumption. Interface to access it to read an article can also be customized and included eight themes. Articles sharing the option. A drawback is lack of possibility to resize widgets and no additional sources of news.

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