Mar 25

If the new tablet it’s called now The new iPad, then perhaps in the autumn we will see The New iPhone. Until then we have a concept that looks fantastic, created by ADR Studio. Designers have imagined an iPhone 5 without SIM that integrates 3 retina displays.

The new iPhone will have access to networks, including 4G LTE services without SIM card technology spoken of in recent years and eventually could be adopted by Apple. This concept of iPhone 5 uses unibody aluminum casing, and its buttons are placed at the top, as shown in pictures. The strength of this device is that it integrates three screens together in one retina. Basically, we have here three strips of screens, one at the top for notification and information at the bottom serving as a dock for multitasking applications and central area of screen space that serves as the “desktop”.

Home button has changed the position, is now integrated in the bottom screen and can be activated using a motion sensor. Studio ADR built on the new iPhone 2012 and an edge LED, which is used as an indicator for battery, a very discreet way. This phone is running iOS 6.0, and the screen size should be around 4.5 or 4.6 inch, while the processor of this concept is most likely a quad core, maybe Apple A6.

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