Apr 19

Those from Gizmodo.com published two images with a Smartphone that could be the future Samsung Galaxy S III. You can admire below and I will try to present some reasons why this terminal can’t be the long-awaited phone from Samsung. And if you wonder why the pictures below look so bad, note that are made with an iPad.

If we rely on rumors so far, the next top model from Samsung will have ceramic housing. It could be similar with HTC One S but in black version. Although this phone has a matt casing, there is some degree of light reflection. At least we are not talking about shiny black plastic. Home button below the screen would confirm rumors in recent weeks. Although Samsung Galaxy S III is running Android 4.0, the manufacturer would not give up that fizic button.

The probability that it is Galaxy S III is reduced because it is an ugly phone. The forms are really simple, but I don’t think that Samsung would launch something like this to represent their top phones. And if we go in this direction, let’s talk about the other information published. Korean manufacturer seems to have sent several prototypes of Galaxy S III to various operators in the world for testing. These prototypes were built in other cases than that to be officially launched. Apple used the same strategy before launching the iPhone 4. The phone was disguised as iPhone 3Gs to avoid attracting attention when it was used in actual tests.

Fortunately, the wait will not last long. Samsung Galaxy S III, with quad core Exynos processor integrated into a chipset, will be presented soon at an event in early May.

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