Mar 27

As you probably heard, Apple and Nokia are gulfing with proposals for the future format of SIM cards. To understand what it is, we mention that the current format card is known as miniSIM, the iPhone and some other smartphones currently use MicroSIM and the following format, for getting standard setting , is called nanoSIM. ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute, is about to vote on proposals from manufacturers of mobile phones.

The two sides were formed around Apple and Nokia. iPhone manufacturer is supported by mobile phone operators in Europe, and the Finns were back on Motorola and RIM. Apple even used a bad practice, quickly recorded five subsidiaries in Europe for the right to vote in ETSI. site managed to get the outline of proposals for standard nanoSIM and you can see below. We now can see them and comment. As you can see, Apple offers a micro plastic around without contacts. Connectors are in the same place as a Minister. Unfortunately, Apple signed conventional design follows a standard design that is required is not the same length to width MicroSIM card to avoid a lock to another slot.

Nokia design was eventually supported by the people at RIM and Motorola and comes with a different arrangement of the connectors. Building an adapter MicroSIM or ministries would be difficult. On the other hand, the proposed nanoSIM Nokia allows fixing a microSD card slot. The proposed Apple needs special support, a tray, bringing slot limitations. What will eventually be the future format of nanoSIM? ETSI will vote for the new design at the end of this week.

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