Dec 09

A few weeks ago Motorola has won in a German court a decision that may prohibit the iDevice’s sales in Europe. Well today was given a decision in respect of that application by Motorola and unfortunately the company Apple could be forced to halt sales of iDevices in Europe. Motorola claims that Apple violated two patents for 3G telecommunications standard, and virtually any iPhone or iPhone 3G tablet can be removed from the market.

Basically Motorola won the process thanks to this patent: 1010336 (B1) which is strongly related to this General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). Motorola’s victory gives them the opportunity to prohibit the Apple branch in Ireland, through that has sold iDevices in Europe, to sell iPhone/iPhone 3G in Europe. This decision is a preliminary but can be imposed by Motorola that has filed a bail of 100 million euro in the event that Apple will get a suspension of it.

Apple will certainly appeal against the decision but no one can say if can manage to postpone or ban that Motorola may impose. Apple has of course the option to change the iDevices so they do not infringe the patent of Motorola but this option could be extremely costly. Finally we will see in the coming days that will make those decisions at Apple, but the situation is far from good.

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