Sep 13

iOS 5 Gold Master, GM on short, is the final version of the operating system that Apple has it first launched only for the application developers of iOS to giving them this opportunity to test it and report any problems encountered.

This version of an operating system released to developers is generally about 2-3 weeks before the release version of iTunes and usually the GM version is published without changes as the final version of an operating system.

In general, at the major versions of iOS, Apple released a version of GM at the conference presentation of products and the new features implemented in the operating system.

In this year iOS 5 GM should be released in next week, according to the information received from partners of Apple, but if this is true then all next week we should see the conferences highlighting of the iPhone 5.

The GM versions contain all updates implemented by Apple for the users; more than those available in beta versions available and they remain virtually unchanged throughout the period of availability for developers.

Last year the iOS 4.2 version was available in GM for several weeks and with just few days before the release Apple has made some substantial changes letting an changed version that has ruined the plans of the Dev Team who have failed to make a jailbreak untethered solution for several months.

iOS 5 GM will not be jailbroken or unlocked with now programs and the Dev Team expect the final release and I advise you to not make many hopes to install the GM version and to unlock an iPhone with uncoded baseband.

iOS 5 GM can be jailbroken on all current devices, except iPad 2, but will be a tethered jailbreak. iOS 5 GM is only the preamble of iOS 5 release and once we know absolutely everything that Apple ready for its users.

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