Apr 23

We all know how important it is to manage our financial resources properly. And as personal Android device is almost always present in the pocket all day, ideally would be to put it to work. We have available an amount of money on store management applications, but most are either too expensive or have a difficult interface.

I found Money Tab in one of my sessions to store searches and it took me about 10 seconds to decide to push the button “Buy”. I knew from the start that we are dealing with a special application. Money Tab amazed me the first time. The interface is designed bright, large buttons, menus easily accessible and a guide welcomes you first start, although it is hard to believe that you can confuse the menus. Begin using the type of success, and then choosing the main categories of expenditure. Each category includes an icon and a simple description and, if necessary, we can easily create their own categories. In the main we have three that we define shortcuts to quickly mark the cost of expenses that repeat frequently. Adding a transaction is very easy, just define the amount displayed by pressing the number buttons, then select the date and we can add an informative note. Then we can create templates for recurring income or monthly bills.

With the “History” menu we see a smooth transaction and in “Statistics” is shown a graph of income and expenses. Get to where we can set preferences menu categories, recurring transactions, currency symbol (not available at the USD but you can choose to not use any), with what day begins the week, etc. The application allows export in CSV (Excel) of all transactions to be viewed on PC.

Money Tab was recently placed on the Store and for this reason is given at much lower price than that which would normally be sold. I recommend to not hesitate!

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