Feb 18

I think that this conclusion should not take us by surprise. Everywhere we see people who fork out the mobile phone and use it to capture a moment. The study made by Consumer Electronics Association found that mobile phones and smartphones in particular have come to strike powerful compact camera market.

Even if 93% of respondents say that a compact camera has better image quality, 74% say it is more convenient to use a phone.

Nevertheless, 55% of study subjects felt that their main device for achieving compact camera pictures is compared with 18% indicating that their mobile phone. For a long time, most images uploaded to Flikr site are made ​​by mobile phone. Photobucket site, many users use a compact camera in 2011 decreased from 82% to 64%.

The iPhone was one of the phones that started this trend. His popularity and image quality provided by the camera were sufficient. Now, iPhone 4S and other Smartphones are implementing a BSI sensor type camera that makes a better picture quality than standard.

Details about iPhone 4 camera: iPhone 4 has two cameras, a front one, which focuses on you and one in back, which focuses on the rest of the world. FaceTime lets you toggle between them at any time during a video call. All you have to do is touch a button with the finger.

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