Aug 16

Although manufacturers of Android tablets have tried in past months to create a “buzz” high enough for their products so that buyers stand to buy immediately, actually the sales of Android tablets are not really that great.

Many manufacturers of this kind of tablets have reported a large delivery from factory to the sellers but the number of sales recorded was always lower. Given the lack of interest from Android tablets, many manufacturers are considering to reduce the prices again to clear the stock of its factories.

Samsung, Motorola, HP, Asustek, Acer, RIM and others have plans to reduce their prices of its Android tablets due to the large number of units left in stock. Although a good portion of these manufacturers have already reduced prices, the cheapest non-iPad tablet costing $ 370 and it’s expected two such reductions by the end of this year.

While we talking about the products of renowned manufacturers, it seems that iPad 2 is still more popular and much sought among consumers and the App Store may have an important role in determining a person to purchase the tablet from Apple.

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