Feb 24


1) Thermal Effects : The highest temprature increase , exists on the outer surface of our body which is skin and local combustions may occur .The temperature decreases in the depth. Placed in various parts of the body by surgery may cause metal concentration of RF energy.

2) Effects on the Eye : At UHF labours , eyes have been damaged. Especially in the radar operator , RF station could not be detected on eye damage. The first symptoms , eye fatigue and watering , decrease in sensitivity against colored light (especially blue).Change in intraocular pressure on chronic exposure with centimetrik waves.In lower density , vitamin c decreasing observed on lenses and fluid in the front region.

3) Effects on the Nervous System : Low severe RF and UHF fields causes changing known as a syndrome which are type of central nervous system. Severe UHF and RF fields, more cardiovascular, appears in the form of vegetative disturbances in editing the central nervous system syndrome occurs. As a result of RF exposure, the changes was observed in reflex activity.

4) Effects on Reproductive Tissues : The increasing temperature on these organs causes morphological changes and will probably degenerative consequences. These morphological changes in the reproductive cycle, decrease in fertilization, manifests it self viciousing and increase in the number of female birth. RF radiation is causing to increases miscarriage on pregnant women.

5) Effects on the Circulatory System : An increase in blood flow, the expansion of blood vessels, blood pressure change.At first blood pressure increases slightly and then decreases. This decline may continue a few weeks later after exposure. Pulse, accelerate or decelerate depending on the exposed parts of the body. RF fields reduces the conductivity of the coronary circulation system. These changes in circulation function could become again former state.

6) Effects on Other Organs :

*Acceleration or delay in breathing.

*Reduction on filtration kidney tubules.

*Rising on adrenal cortex activity.

* Degeneration on hepatic cells.

* Thyroid gland growth(especially women)

*Pain in heart and muscles , hair losing and encountered breathing difficulties.

* For a few weeks after exposure the organs return to the original physiological state and that was the end of all complaints.

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