Nov 04

Apple’s iCloud is a good way to synchronize multiple photos or documents on iDevice / Macs but unfortunately Apple severely limits the types of files sent between our devices. Many have wanted that iCloud to provide functionality Dropbox, this did not happen but even so icloud provides Mac owners the possibility to synchronize files and folders using the same Apple ID. In Mac OS X Lion was found that the function of sharing documents through icloud allows owners to transfer any Mac file types between two or more Macs that are logged using the same Apple ID.

What is of use is that any files put into the ~/Library/Mobile Documents folder will automatically upload to iCloud and push to any other Mac you have that is signed in to the same iCloud account and has the ‘Document & Data’ iCloud preference checked. Lion even notifies you of version conflicts and allows you to resolve them when you open the document.

The discovery was made by people from Macworld who say that any file can be transferred between Macs but does not provide details about their size, etc… Basically using this method can transfer between any Macs at great distances and to may see the early stages of a true file sharing service developed by Apple.

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