Aug 24

Logitech is one of the largest manufacturers of accessories in the world and this year the company seems to be focused on launching interesting products dedicated for iDevices. Today we talk about two of them: a keyboard and a joystick, observe in the picture above a demonstration of how to make keyboard work.

Note that the device breaks even in the middle and theoretically should allow a much easier text input and at first glance the concept seems to be borrowed from iOS 5 where Apple introduced a smaller keyboard, which can split in two pieces and you can position anywhere on the screen. Bluetooth keyboard works, and do not must change the batteries, just only once every few weeks. The keyboard will cost $ 130 and will be available in autumn from Logitech.

The joystick from Logitech is attached to the tablet screen even in place that would be a virtual button and offers the user some feedback during the game. The idea is similar to Fling now implemented by several months but it is better to have more options regarding the kind of accessories. Logitech company joysticks will be available in September and they are priced at $ 20.

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